Tips on Establishing Communication Bonds Between Parents and Teens

As an educator of over 14 years and author of  The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Series, I’ve discovered through communicating with my parents that often communication ties with their kids in regards to  communicating daily are not there due to the everyday life’s demands.  Here are some helpful tips that I provided to assist.

Ask each other daily how your day has gone.  This gives both the teenager and parent the opportunity to express yourselves.

Show affection.  All teens are not affectionate however from time to time everybody needs a hug.

Parents and teens both should express their love for one another.  Days that I am absent from teaching, I always return informing them how much I missed them.

Parents and teenagers should both learn to read body language and facial expressions.  Your mouth might be saying that everything is okay yet your demeanor at that present time may be saying another.

Parents and teenagers should learn to do things together that are free.  Take more walks together or read together.  Go and feed the ducks together.  In the long run parents, when your teenagers become adults it will be these kinds of experiences that will be remembered.  It won’t be the trips to the mall.


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