Firm When It Comes To Educating My Babies.

As and educator, sometimes it can be a challenge to get an appropriate return on homework assignments.  Approximately three years ago, I started a policy that allowed students to get a 15 minute head start on their assignments and the opportunity to complete the rest at home.  Well as we all know sometimes, a good thing at times can be taken for granted.

My all male sixth grade class for some apparent reason took it upon themselves to either not submit or turn in incompleted work.  Due to loving my boys, my heart told me to let it slide.  The teacher in me however chose to implement a consequence. 

Aware of the fact of how much my boys love physical education/gym, I had to take it from them this day.  In addition, the individuals who did not  turn it in had to stay back and still complete it while the remaining of the peers had the opportunity to attend.  They were not happy with me.  And yes, a few even shed a couple of tears.  Let’s just say if looks could’ve killed the good father may have taken me that very day.

After the hour had passed, I asked the students who could not attend gym if they understood why a consequence was implemented.  There reply to me was yes.  Surprisingly, my home work grades have improved tremendously. I had to be firm and provide some type of detention yet my boys learned a valuable lesson when it comes to being responsible.


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