Doing Things You’ve Never Done Before!

You’ll never know until you try is a statement that we are all familiar with.  More importantly, It truly hits home with me.   Four the past five years, I had this idea to put on this show for women as a tribute to Women’s Month.  My mission in putting this monologue show on was to spread a message to women everywhere about how we should build each other up versus tearing each other down.

In my mind for days and years I could actually see this show taking place, but I was simply too afraid to take the risk.  I even had a cover page with the title that remained in micro soft files.  In November of 2009, after leaving the Black Women’s Business Network Exchange created by author Tara Michener, I could not take it any longer.  I had to give birth to this dream.  After sharing the information with literary artist, and  my business partner Tracie Christian we agreed to make it happen.

In January of 2010, we auditioned our beautiful cast.  Without the help of these Detroit born actresses,  Crystal Brock, Mahulie  Christmas, LaSonya Jones Lamine, and Juanita Philliphs,  Our show titled,  “From the Outside Looking In” would have not been possible.  On March 27th 2010, not only did Ms. Christian and I pull this event off, the event was sold out.

More importantly, we accomplished our mission at raising revenues to support the Day House Shelter in Detroit, and UNA Young Professional’s association for the  Detroit Chapter.  Now that the show is over with, I’m asking myself, “Adra what the hell took so long and what were you afraid of?” As of right now, due to the success ratings of the monologue show and still floating on cloud nine from Saturday, I still don’t have the answer.


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